At Specialist Instrument Services we offer a comprehensive range of calibration and repair services aimed at keeping your test equipment maintained, accurate and functional to the highest standards.

The calibration and repair of any test instrument is vital in ensuring that any testing carried out and certificates issued are accurate to know national standards. In the process of calibrating your instrument we are comparing the accuracy of your tester to known standards that are traceable to both national and international standards.

Any tester that is repaired by us will also be fully calibrated before being dispatched back to you to ensure the repair was successful and the meter is operating correctly.

All instruments that are calibrated or repaired at our laboratory are cleaned, adjusted (if necessary) and test leads (where supplied) are also checked to ensure that your meter is operating at its full potential.

Credit/Return of calibrated goods
Please be aware that should you require to return newly purchased goods for refund, that the cost of calibration certificates generated by us will not be credited. The cost in time and materials producing calibration certificates cannot be recovered and therefore will be deducted from your refunded payment at their face value.
We will issue you with a written confirmation that the certificates in question have been terminated.

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