Thermal Imaging Cameras
second thermal cameras

Thermal Imaging Cameras

From building inspection to electrical diagnostics, and from the lower end Flir i3 to the high end Fluke TiR125, we have a wide range of thermal imaging cameras to suit your hiring needs.

All of our cameras come complete with SD cards and software, giving a complete one-stop solution to the hire of your thermal imaging camera.

  • FLIR i5
  • FLIR i7
  • Fluke Ti110
  • FLIR E30
  • FLIR E40bx
  • Fluke TiR125
  • Fluke Ti32
  • FLIR T425
  • And Many More...

Ready to Hire?

Once you have decided which tester you want to hire, simply complete the form with your desired model and start date and we’ll do the rest. In the unlikely event the tester is unavailable for any reason; we will contact you to discuss a suitable alternative.

The Right Tester for the Job

Unsure which tester is the right one for you? Simply contact our knowledgeable team who will quickly assist you in finding the most suitable tester for your hire requirements.

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